Nairobi International Trade Fair 2013

The Nairobi International Trade Fair 2013 was the largest annual show in Kenya and the East Africa region opening its doors to the public and allowing regional and global exhibitors’ opportunities to market their products and services as well as network and exchange business ideas and experiences.

The Corporation used the platform to showcase its role in the promotion and growth of industry by hosting its investee companies some of which are household names. Ranging from manufacturing, agro-processing and value addition, financial services, education to transport, wholesale and retail, all these sectors of the economy were represented.

ICDC stand at the Jamhuri Park show ground, during the Nairobi International Trade Fair 2013.

The investee companies included General Motors E.A Ltd, IDB Capital Ltd, Uchumi Supermarkets Ltd, Kenya National Trading Corporation, Agro-Chemical and Food Company Ltd, Kenatco Taxis Ltd, and Development Bank of Kenya.

The General Motors E.A Ltd, one of the ICDC investee companies, booth at the ICDC stand during the Nairobi International Trade Fair 2013.

ICDC also hosted successful SMEs which included Lean Energy Solutions Ltd, Stawi Foods and Fruits Ltd, Adroit General Contractors Ltd, Stamp Investments Ltd, Flyeagles Enterprise Ltd, Ad Afric Communications Ltd, Woodland Honey Products Ltd, Runda Paradise Estates, Kenya Biologics, Kenya Dairy Farmers Federation and Fairbrooks Water Ltd to demonstrate its support and promotion of SMEs in the country.

ICDC Executive Director, Mr. Peter Kimurwa (right) tours the Kenya Biologics Ltd stand, one of the SMEs exhibiting at ICDC stand.


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